Cutting Tools and Carbide End Mills

Steel Sales and Equipment Company of Arkansas
"Excellence in Industrial Distribution since 1975!"

At Steel Sales and Equipment Company of Arkansas,
we're proud to be your industrial disributor sales company
for cutting tools and carbide end mills.

What we do here at Steel Sales & Equipment is very simple. We provide our customers with unbeatable service while providing top quality products for their individual needs at competitive prices. This goal is what has made us the best industrial distributor in the region. Since 1975, we have been working side by side with our customers to become the type of distributor that they need us to be.

Carbide End Mills and Cutting Tools at Steel SalesIt still surprises a few customers from time to time when they find out that your #1 industrial distributor consists of only five people. It also surprises quite a few people when we tell them that it really doesn't matter who is helping you here at Steel Sales, since we do not work on commission. We want our customers to trust in the fact that no matter who you talk to, each one of us will work hard for you. Whether you are looking for tool and die supplies, molding supplies, cutting tools, carbide end mills, edm consumables, lubricants, fasteners, abrasives or just regular old shop supplies, you can feel free to talk to anyone here at Steel Sales & Equipment. Behind the scenes, we are all working for you at the same time and often time on the same order.

There are many things that make us unique as an industrial distributor. The most important difference is that we truly care about our customers. Our customers are more than just an order received over the fax or a quote request in an e-mail. Over the years, many of our customers have become our friends.

It sounds so simple, but we try to treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Our customers appreciate the personal relationship they have with Steel Sales. This is proven by the fact that many of our customers have been with us for 15, 20 or 25 plus years.

Since 1975, Steel Sales and Equipment Company of Arkansas has continued to grow, but we never lose sight of how we got where we are. It takes a team effort to service our customers to the level that they deserve and that is exactly what we are . . . a team. Would you like to meet our staff?

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